You should start grooming your puppy after it has had at least his/her second set of shots and is at least 12 weeks old. However, I recommend taking it in for his/her first “puppy groom” before it is 5 months old in order to get the puppy used to getting groomed and being handled. “Puppy groom” to groomers means you get a bath, gentle blow dry, sanitary trim, bangs and eye area trim, feet trim, nails cut and ears cleaned.    

Additionally it will teach your puppy to comply by helping her/him to get used to the grooming process even if he/she doesn’t necessarily want it done.    

The longer you wait to get your puppy groomed, the harder it  may be for some puppies to comply! This will teach the puppy not to see the grooming process as a threatening or unpleasant procedure. With TLC and gentle but firm grooming, this will allow the puppy to relax and see it as a positive experience. We recommend finding the best compassionate and experienced groomer with the correct tools for your puppy as this is a delicate time for your little fur baby. That said, if you do want to do this yourself, just make sure you have the correct grooming tools and you know how to use them so you don’t accidentally hurt your pet.