Prices for Dogs (Excluding "Oodles")

NOTE: Prices for "oodles" differ - please see this page for those prices.

Please inquire during your appointment for more information. Our prices are very competitive in the mobile grooming industry. This is not a full list of grooming prices but it will give you a good idea of our prices.

*Prices below include all travel fees/trip charges but do not include the sales tax.*


Dog Bath
Short Haired Breed Dog Bath 
Dogs start at $85 (0-20lbs) Extra $10 (21-30lbs) 
Long Haired Breed Dog Bath 
Dogs start at $95 (0-20lbs) Extra $10 (21-30 lbs) 


Dog Mini Groom
Short Haired Breed Dog Mini Groom 
Dogs start at $95 (0-20lbs) Extra $10 (21-30lbs) 
Long Haired Breed Dog Mini Groom 
Dogs start at $105 (0-20lbs) Extra $10 (21-30 lbs) 


Dog Full Service Groom
Short Haired Breed Dog Full Groom 
Dogs start at $105 (0-20lbs) Extra $10 (21-30lbs) 
Long Haired Breed Dog Full Groom 
Dogs start at $115 (0-20lbs) Extra $10 (21-30 lbs) 

Specialty Haircuts
Any haircut that takes longer because it is more time-consuming/difficult. This includes Sculpting Cuts, Continental Cuts, Asian Fusion cuts, Pony Cuts, Pom Poms, unusual or more time-consuming cuts for the breed, etc. Please inquire first. 
$10-$50 Extra

*Extra $10-$50 Poodles/doodles/cockers, thick coats, & elderly pets. Please see the doodle page for more accurate pricing information. 
*Pelted/matted pets will have additional fees of $20-$75 depending on condition and severity.  
*Additional fees may apply. (Additional fees will apply for elderly, aggressive or hard to groom dogs. Please see our FAQ and Policies for more info.)
*Short-haired dogs are breed-specific. Long-haired dogs are breed-specific. If your dog is a Shih Tzu but gets a short haircut every time, it will still be under the long-haired dog pricing. If you have a chihuahua it will be under short-haired pricing unless it is a long-haired Chihuahua. If your dog is a mixed breed it will be under whatever the dog most resembles in coat and appearance. 
*Extra services available. Click here to view the list.


Full Transparency: What are all the fees that can be incurred?
*Grooming price/specialty cuts 
*Any pet that takes more than 1 1/2 hours of groom time. 
*Extra Services (requested)
*Extra Services not included in breed cut such as face or feet shave 
*Deshedding, dematting if needed 
*Handling fees for hard to do pets or aggressive pets. 
*Flea shampoo/treatment (only if requested or live fleas are present) 
*Pelted/matted pet fee
*Breed and Weightcharges
*Cancellation fees (without 48-hour notice)
*No-show fees (Full Price Of The Groom)
*Taxes 8.25%

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