Extra/Side Services

IMPORTANT: We do not come out for extra items only such as nail trims for pets unless at least one pet in the home is getting a bath or grooming package. If you have a significant amount of pets or services needed without a bath or groom package please call to inquire. 

These extras or add-ons will only be done if the temperament of the pet allows. You can choose extra/side services or you can check the Spa Packages we offer that may save you money.


Shampoos & Conditioner:
*Anti-fungal medicated shampoo $10
(cats & dogs - veterinary formula clinical care antiseptic & antifungal shampoo-relieves skin infections such as dermatitis and pyoderma. Formulated with benzethonium chloride to help eliminate bacteria that causes irritation and odor and ketoconazole to treat fungal infections.)
*Anti-itch medicated shampoo $10
(cats & dogs - tropiclean oxymed medicated anti-itch oatmeal shampoo/colloidal oatmeal)
*Benzoyl peroxide shampoo $10 
(cats & dogs - conditions associated with demodectic mange, seborrhea dermatitis and canine and feline acne)
*Conditioner $5 
(cats & dogs - zymox enzymatic conditioner)
*Deodorizing shampoo $5
(cats & dogs - tropical fresh scent)
*Flea shampoo $25 (if live fleas) / $10 (if used as a precaution to kill possible eggs-kills flea eggs and larvae)
*Hypoallergenic shampoo $5
*Tearless shampoo $5
*Whitening shampoo $5 (white coated dogs for a brighter lighter coat)

Other Services:
If the temperament of the dog allows: Separate extras are $5-$20 each or choose a grooming package. NOTE: We do not come out for extra items only. At least one pet in the home must be getting a bath or grooming package.
*Anal gland expression $15 (topical only)
*Choice of hair bows or bow ties $3
*Ear cleaning $5
*Ear Plucking $10
*Ear flush $10 (anti-microbial, antibacterial, antifungal ear flush and ear cleanser for pets prone to infections caused by yeast and bacteria.)
*Extra brushing or dematting $1 per minute/15-minute max
*Face or neck and/head trim $15
*Mat shave up to 3 clumps $5 per mat up to a 2 inch radius per mat. (this will leave holes in the hair)
*Nail cut & dremel (nails filed down to take off sharp edges $25
*Dremel Add on to Bath or Groom $10
*Nails cut $20
*Paw pads and feet trim $10
*Pawdicure* Nails cut and dremeled and trim paw pads and feet $25
*Rump trim and wash $15
*Bottoms Up Brazilian Booty* $15 (shaving the privates and around the rear part)
*Teeth brushing (enzymatic) $10
*Tunnel belly (Shaving underneath from chest down to rear area) $15
**We do not offer nail polish or Hair coloring services*

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