Our Policies

1. Safety and comfort of pets:
Safety and comfort of the groomer and pet is our number one priority. We have a true passion for pets! We speak for the pet because they can’t speak for themselves. We will not service any grooming that we deem to be unreasonably or unnecessarily painful or stressful for your pet. We will not put your pet's appearance above what appears to be painful. If your pet becomes too aggressive or stressed out during the process, we reserve the right to stop the groom and charge for the full price of the groom. We understand some pets do not like all procedures. We will use our discretion if it is appropriate to continue. Senior pets will be groomed for what is needed and necessary for the pet including comfort and cleanliness. We do not demat a pet that will take more than 15 minutes of demat time. We have learned from experience any longer than this is very uncomfortable for the pet. You wil have the options of shaving the pet, let us cut out mats or doing a short haircut instead. Please see our mission statement to read more on this subject.


2. Conditions of the pet:
Pet parents must tell us the truthful condition of the pet, including a matted coat, previous aggression, anxiety conditions, emotional conditions, seizures, allergies and all medical conditions. If your pet is on medication for an illness we need to know. No potentially contagious sick pets will be accepted.

3. Consultation:
We will do a consultation upon arrival or when requested to see if we can groom your pet if it has behavior problems. 

Pet behavior, health issues, stressful behavior, or aggression policy:
We will do a consultation over the phone with the truthful condition of your pet. If you as a customer and us as the groomers agree to allow us to groom or attempt to groom your pet, the full cost of the groom will be charged even if we can't finish your pet. If we can't start your pet because of aggressive, stressful, medical or other behavior and we fear for ourselves or your pets safety, we will charge half of the grooming cost due immediately. This will cover time spent at your home attempting to groom your pet as well as the gas, labor and time slot that was taken up in which we could have had another pet groomed. Please be upfront with any conditions/behavior before making an appointment so we may be able to determine if your pet is a candidate for our grooming before we visit your home.

4. Price Quotes:
Because every pet is different, price quotes are subject to change. Even the same breed of pets can vary for grooming services. Price will vary depending on the temperament, difficulty, services, condition of the hair, excessive undercoat, parasites, breed, and time involved of the groom. We will not be able to give an exact price over the phone or until the groom is completed. If you think or have been told previously your pet takes longer to groom than other similar pets, please let us know in advance. Please see our prices tab for a list of our starting prices.

5. Cancellations/No-Shows:
You must text us at the business phone number 469-504-4210 for any cancellations. Emails are NOT accepted for cancellations. Not confirming appointments are NOT acceptable cancellations either. If you do not text the business phone, we will assume the appointment is still valid. 

If you must cancel, we require 4 day notice. If we do not receive a 4 day notice, we will charge half the price of the groom. This is a cancellation fee that must be paid before you will receive another grooming appointment.

If you fail to give a 24 hour notice then we will charge you the full cost of the groom to cover the loss of income including the time slot, labor and gas taken up. There is an exception for regular customers if you have gone at least 5 times with grooming and one occurrence in one year for an emergency only. 

Please be at home or have someone over 18 years at your home one hour before and after your scheduled appointment time. We will call you if we have no answer at the door after 10 minutes. We will only wait 15 minutes after your scheduled appointment time for you to provide us with the pet. After 15 minutes, you will be charged the full cost of the groom and we will leave. Please be courteous and mindful of your grooming appointment. It is your responsibility to remember the appointment. We reserve a time slot and build our route with your stop included. Without a 24 hour notice, we may not be able to fill that slot. We also know that unforeseen circumstances may happen. We will review this on a case-by-case basis. After a cancellation or a tardy, we may not be able to book appointments with you any longer. New customers with a no-show on the first appointment will not be rescheduled. Please communicate with us about any problems you may be having so we are aware of your circumstances.

If we have a cancellation, we may be able to arrive earlier than expected but we will contact you if this occurs. In some unforeseen circumstances, we may have to reschedule your appointment. We will contact you if this happens.

6. Appointment times:
We work with live animals and at times unpredictable grooming times. We need the pet/parent or responsible party to be available an hour before and after our scheduled appointment time for all grooms. This is because we may be running early or late. Please keep this in mind when you are scheduling the appointment and additionally allow time for the grooming process. Always allow at least a 3-hour window unless your pet takes longer than most or you have more than one pet.

We may run late or early because of traffic, weather, or an appointment takes longer than we predicted. We will contact you if this happens.

We ask that you must be home for the scheduled appointment time for the first groom. After that, we can arrange to come to your home when you are not there as long as we have access to the pet and it is confined without becoming aggressive and we can safely access the pet. We have encountered difficulties when dealing with housekeepers/house managers and relatives relaying messages and not understanding what to do in the case of a matted/difficult pet when the owner thought the pet was not matted. We have encountered communication issues so please be sure someone is available who speaks fluent English. They also can not answer questions that may arise about the groom so be sure we have a way to speak with you if needed or someone else can speak to us and give us the permission to do what we have to do.

7. Accessibility to the pet and what we expect on arrival:
We will not spend more than 15 minutes waiting for an animal or pet parent to show up past your scheduled time. If your appointment is set for 9am, we will leave at 9:16am. After that time, we will have to reschedule your appointment and you will be charged the full price of the groom. We made this rule because we need to stay on time for our next appointments also. Alternatively, we ask you to have the form of payment ready for when we finish. We request you do not leave the house and make us wait for you. If you must leave, let us know before you leave so we can work out a way to bring the pet back inside (or outside) when we are finished with the groom and receive payment. We have another appointment scheduled after yours so this must be considered.

Please have your pet confined if necessary at the service time. We will not go under furniture or chase pets in the house or yard. It is your responsibility to make sure we can access the pet safely or hand the pet to us. If you leave or do not have anyone over 18 to answer the door at the end of the grooming and no prior arrangements have been made, additional fees will apply. Please do not book the appointment if this may be a problem.

8. Vaccinations:
We do not require proof of rabies shots unless the pet may bite or is aggressive. However, it is still the law in Texas to be current on rabies shots. Here is two FAQ links for more information on rabies shot requirements in Texas.



9. Fleas:
If your pet has live fleas 
will either refuse the groom or we will use a flea shampoo and charge an additional $25. This fee covers the flea shampoo, spray and flea bombing. We ask you to use capstar (pill) or similar fast acting flea killer prior to our appointment. Flea shampoo will not keep fleas off pets or kill all the fleas on them. Fleas hide in ears, lip lines, under eyes and in the nose area. There is no way for a flea shampoo to kill all of the fleas as we can not put the shampoo in all these areas.

10. Payment:
Payment is due on the day of grooming. We accept cash, checks, Zelle and Venmo. Please have accounts and cash ready so we don't have to unnecessarily wait after the grooming is completed. Sorry, we do not accept credit cards. 

11. Weather:
Since we are a mobile grooming company, we will be closed when Dallas or Plano ISD are closed or if your area schools are closed. We will also close if there are inclement or dangerous driving conditions in the area or any blockage of roads. If you had an appointment, we will be in touch with you to reschedule. 
We may also have to reschedule appointments when the weather gets below 32 degrees fahrenheit or there are tornado warnings.

12. Sedated pets:
We do not groom sedated pets. From our years of experience, this doesn’t work well in our environment. These pets are best with vet supervision where they can be monitored. Additionally, we do not sedate pets.

13. Age & Weights of Pets
Puppies must be at least 12 weeks old with their first two sets of shots. Older/senior pets do not have a restriction on age. Any pet will all depend on the health of the pets. You will be required to sign a waiver release form. You will be required to sign a pet waiver when booking the appointment.

We specialize in extra small to medium small-sized pets. Therefore, we have a 30 lb weight limit on all pets. Due to medical or physical reasons, we must adhere to this. If you are unsure of your pet’s weight, please check it before your appointment. We will not groom your pet if it is 31 lbs or above. We have a scale in the van and we will weigh your pet. If we are not able to groom your pet because it is too heavy, we will charge half of the grooming charge for taking up a time slot.

14. Aggressive pets:
We will do the best we can but there is no guarantee we can groom an aggressive pet. We will use a muzzle or e-collar if needed. Little Munchkins Pet Grooming LLC reserves the right to stop service at any time during the groom if we deem it to be unsafe for the groomer or the pet to proceed. 
At that time we will charge the full cost of the groom. 

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