Dog Haircuts

Lion Cut: Leaving a mane on the body that goes in front of the shoulders. Boots or no boots is an option. Body is typically very short to accentuate the look of a real lion. Mane can be trimmed up as desired. A lion’s tail is standard with this haircut (base of tail shaved up to a poof at the end of the tail). 
Mohawk: On top of the head or head all the way down body to blend in with tail
Specialty Cuts: Asian Fusion, Continental Cuts, Pony Cuts, etc. These cuts all vary so it is best to show a picture of what you would like. Make sure the picture is very similar to your pet’s hair in thickness and length as well as breed.
Teddy Bear/Puppy Cut/Comb Cut: These are all the same haircut. The difference will be the length of the hair. This starts at ½ inch of hair and goes up to 2 inches. Depending on the condition of the coat and how much maintenance is being done at home. We recommend shorter cuts if the pet parent is not brushing and combing regularly at home. If a longer cut is wanted, it requires much more maintenance. A regular grooming schedule will help in this area.
Shave Downs: Your dog will be shaved down to 1/16 of an inch, ⅛ of an inch or ¼ of an inch all over including the legs. We will blend the head and trim the tail. When possible we will leave a teddy bear head or other desired head cuts.
Lamb Cut: This cut is when the body is shorter than the legs. This is not an extreme version. The extreme version would be more of an Asian Fusion cut.
Standard Pet Breed Cuts: We don’t groom show dogs, we groom pets. We will give your pet the standard pet groom as seen in the book “Notes From The Grooming Table”.
Scissors Cut: $10-30 Additional (varies). This is for dogs with long hair. This will include a light trim up all over when the dog has long hair. Examples include long-haired Pomeranians, Bichons, Continental cuts.

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