What if I need to cancel my appointment?
**IMPORTANT** When texting or calling about canceling, leave your first and last name, name of your pet, time and date of your appointment and the reason for canceling. We will text you back as soon as we can. 

We require 4 days notice before your scheduled appointment to cancel if you do not want to incur fees. 

Cancellations and no shows are two different things. Cancellations are for up to four days maximum before the appointment which incurs a fee of half of the groom price and no-shows are one day before the appointment which also incurs a fee of the full price of the groom. 

We require a 4 day notice to cancel your appointment. Do NOT email for canceled appointments as this is not acceptable. Do not just leave your appointment unconfirmed either. Neither of these methods is considered a canceled appointment. We require a text or call to our business phone at 469-504-4210 and leave a message if we are not available at the moment. Cancelled appointments without at least a four day notice of the scheduled appointment will be charged half of the groom charge as a cancellation fee. because appointments without advance notice are hard to fill. This charge must be paid prior to your next appointment. This covers the loss of income and time involved to try to fill the appointment again. 

EXCEPTIONS: Any existing customers who have 5 grooms or bath packages within the previous one year period may be forgiven once every year. This does not hold for new customers and we may block the account from booking with our company again.

Also if you asked us to "squeeze you in" and we find you an appointment that you end up cancelling or No Show the appointment this is very serious to us and considered a reason to block the account. 

No Show Fees
A no-show fee will apply any time the day before the appointment or we physically start driving, arrive, no one is home or the pet is not available. We also require you answer the text messages or phone calls with the ETA when we are on the way. If no one is home or comes to the door after 15 minutes of us waiting, you will be charged the complete price of your groom. No-show charges will be applied in the case of not hearing the doorbell, not answering the text messages and or phone calls with the ETA when we are on the way, in the yard and you did not hear us, sleeping, on vacation not home, etc. We will try to call you if there is no answer at the door. We charge for no-shows to cover all the expenses (gas, toll fees), our time, labor and loss of income due to a booked time slot that could have been filled otherwise. 

What if something comes up and I can't make the appointment or I have a vacation coming up?
It is always best to call or text as soon as possible if you can not keep your appointment. If you are going on vacation or anything else please inform us when you know your schedule so we can adjust our schedule also. We appreciate in as far in advance as possible but not less than a weeks notice. 

We have to adhere to these No Show and Cancellation policies for scheduling purposes. Please be mindful of your time slots. In cases of inclement weather or extreme emergencies, exceptions will be made on a case to case basis.

Excessive cancellations for any reason will not be tolerated. No shows might not ever be seen again, especially to new first time customers. Please understand we are running a business like any other company! 

***These policies are in place because there are people who will take advantage if we have no policies regarding this issue.***


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