Dog Grooming Services

Mobile grooming is perfect for pets you want to pamper! Perfect for pets with anxiety, car sickness, elderly and special needs. One-on-one attention from their own personal stylist. Your pet deserves it!

Each dog also receives a free decorative dog cookie after each groom!

*Extra services available. Click here to view the list.


Bath Package

Bath includes: Two baths with eye rinse and face cleaning, our house shampoo Biodegradable nontoxic and Organic Shampoo, blow/fluff dry or towel drying, ear cleaning, nail trim, topical anal gland expression and Nontoxic cologne spray if desired.


Mini Groom Package

When a full haircut is not needed. Includes everything in the Bath Package plus any three areas of trimming of these areas: trimming of the face or behind back legs, private areas trim and feet and pad trimming.


Full Groom Package

This includes everything in our Bath Package plus a full body haircut.


Deshedding Package

This treatment is to help get out the undercoat and helps keep shedding to a minimum. This treatment includes deshedding shampoo and conditioner. This service will automatically be added to the groom price if there is loose hairs/tufts coming out of the pet's coat unless it is getting shaved. This is an add-on package. Additional $10-30


Specialty Cuts

Additional $10-75 to package. This is for haircuts requiring more skills and/or time. This includes Asian Fusion Cuts, Butterfly Cuts, Continental Cuts, Pony Cuts, etc. These kinds of cuts can only be done on mild-mannered dogs.


Foot Soak for Pododermatitis (red, swollen, itchy feet)

Additional $25. This is for Pododermatitis for red, swollen, and itchy feet. This is a minimum 15-minute Epsom salts foot soak that will encourage healing. It helps stop the drying out of red, inflamed dermatitis lesions in between the toes and helps slow down the swelling and itching. This can be a stand-alone service or an add-on to bath or groom packages. *Pets must be able to tolerate standing in water for 15 minutes (pets favorite treats may help tolerate).


Dead Sea Mineral Mud Bath

Additional $10. Only for dogs who tolerate bathing with water and extra time wet. Pamper your Pet with a Dead Sea Mineral Mud Bath! This will be massaged into the skin after the shampoo bath. Dead Sea Mineral Mud Bath Conditions Skin with Valuable Minerals, Hydrates with 100% Certified Aloe Vera. Exfoliates skin and coat to remove impurities. Deep conditions, rehydrates, and rebuilds the coat. Adds shine and gloss to coat. Provides skin and coat with valuable minerals that absorb into the body for greater health results! For dogs and cats.


Pawdicure: Pawdicure for Dogs

$25 This is a nail trim and dremel (file off the sharp edges) and paw pad shave with feet trim.


Bottoms Up Brazilian Booty

$20 This is a shaving of the private areas and around the rump. Note: Due to possible razor burn or wounds, intact male dogs will not have the testicals completely shaved. We do β€œbest possible” so as not to harm the pet.


Pelted/Matted/knotted Hair Shave Down Removal

Purchase of a Full-Service Groom package or Shave Down No Bath required plus Extra $20-75 depending on difficulty. This is the removal of a more severely pelted (matted or knotted) coat. This is a service that will take extra care and skills to remove. This is when the coat is so matted it covers the skin tightly in many places. Some pets who swim or go in the water have this problem.It usually has been 8 months to over a year since the pet was last groomed but not always.


The Ultimate Luxury Spa Package

*The Ultimate Luxury Spa Package for Dogs (Pick 5) $25
*Luxury Spa Package (Pick 4) $20
*Spa Package (Pick 3) $15
Includes your choice of any of the services below:
*Your choice of any shampoo
*Moisture Restoring Conditioner
*Nail Dremel (helps remove sharp edges and makes the nails as short as possible but may still feel sharp on bare skin)
*Enzymatic Teeth Brushing
*Aromatherapeutic Cleansing Blueberry Facial
*Deep Sea Mineral Mud Bath
*Foot Soak for Pododermatitis
*Ear Flush
*5 Minutes of Extra Brushing

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